Quantum Computing ⨷ Quantum Chemistry

24-25 September 2020

Part of the Quantum Week of Fun



Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and the uncertainty about travel and public gatherings, we have made the difficult decision to make QCxQC a virtual event.

Full details about the arrangements will appear here nearer the time.


Submit your papers via Easychair

About the workshop

The workshop aims to bring together researchers from the computational chemistry and condensed matter physics fields interested in the simulation of molecules and materials on quantum computers. Topics to be discussed include quantum algorithms for simulations on NISQ machines and fault-tolerant quantum computers, challenges in the use of this technology for simulations in the quantum chemistry and materials science spaces, applications beyond the calculation of ground state energies...

The scope of the workshop includes, but is not limited to

  • Quantum chemistry algorithms for fault-tolerant quantum computers
  • Hybrid quantum-classical algorithms for chemistry simulations
  • Quantum simulation algorithms for NISQ hardware
  • Ansatz design for variational quantum algorithms
  • Calculation of excited states
  • Fermion to qubit encoding schemes
  • Noise mitigation methods for quantum chemistry simulations
  • Calculation of properties from correlated wavefunctions on quantum computers
  • Quantum algorithms for the simulation of condensed matter systems

Invited Speakers

Nicholas Rubin, Google Research

Mario Motta, IBM Research Almaden

Kosuke Mitarai, Osaka University & QunaSys

Important dates

8 August 2020 (anywhere-on-earth) Submission of abstract
18 August 2020 Notification of decisions
24 - 25 September 2020 Workshop

Instructions for authors

The main purpose of the workshop is to exchange recent ideas and reserch in the area of quantum chemistry and condensed matter simulations on quantum computers. The workshop has no formal proceedings. Authors are invited to submit an abstract or a paper, with no restrictions on the format. In case of a positive evaluation, submissions will be accepted to be part of the workshop program as oral or poster presentations. All abstracts and papers are distributed only among the participants.

New - Best Student Paper Award!

A submission is eligible for the prize if and only if the main author is a student at the time of the submission and this student will present the work as a talk or as a poster. The student will be rewarded with a 500 GPB prize.

New - Extended submission deadline!

We are extending the deadline for the submission of abstracts. The new date is Saturday 8th of August (anywhere on Earth).

Please submit your papers through EasyChair: https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=qcxqc2020


Registration will be handled through via Quantum Week of Fun.


Please contact Catie Isham if you would like to sponsor this workshop or any of the other events in the Quantum Week of Fun.


Programme Committee
  • David Muñoz Ramo, Cambridge Quantum Computing
  • Dieter Jaksch, University of Oxford
  • Ryan Babbush, Google
  • Bert de Jong, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Alex Thom, University of Cambridge

The local organisers are listed here.

Previous Editions

This is the first edition of this workshop.

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