21-25 September 2020


Slack Issues?

We are having some issues with our Slack invitations. If you didn't receive your invitation, try this link to join.


The Quantum Week of Fun is a week long series of scientific workshops on various topics within the domain of quantum computing, hosted by Cambridge Quantum Computing Ltd in the heart of Cambridge online!.

Quantum Week of Fun brings together researchers from academia and the quantum computing industry, with the goal of cross fertilisation between different areas of the field. The workshops will contain both invited talks from leading scientists and contributed talks covering the latest research. Also, it will be FUN.

Since we wish to encourage the participation of young scientists everyone, full-time students everyone may register for the entire Week free of charge!

The constituent workshops of the Week are:

Please see the web pages of the individual workshops for more information including the important dates and their calls for papers.

How to join the fun

Quantum Week of Fun is a pure online event. All the talks, of all workshops will be streamed live on YouTube. The entire programme is available as one giant playlist. The presentations will be remain available after the workshops are over. The links to the talks are also in the workshop schedules.

Registered participants have also been invited to join our Slack workspace. If you have registered but didn't get your invitation please check your spam!

In the Slack workspace there are a variety of channels for general discussion, and also one channel for every talk. We encourage you to use these channels to discuss the talk and to ask questions to the speaker. The session chair will select questions from this channel to ask the speaker at the end of the talk.


The overview schedule of the Week of Fun is shown below. All times are local time in Cambridge, UTC+1.

Mon 21 Sept Tue 22 Sept Wed 23 Sept Thu 24 Sept Fri 25 Sept
10:00 : QuAlg 09:00 : IWQC 10:00 : QCxQC 10:00 : QCxQC
12:00 : QNLP 14:30 : QuAlg 14:00 : IWQC 13:00 : IWQC 13:00 : QCxQC
16:25 : QNLP 17:30 : QuAlg 17:00 : IWQC 16:00 : IWQC 17:00 : QCxQC
20:00 Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion

On Wedneday evening, we will have a panel discussion on Quantum Computing in the UK moderated by CQC's Denise Ruffner. The panelists will include :

  • Cristina Escoda, ORCA Computing
  • Ashley Montanaro, University of Bristol and Phasecraft
  • Sebastian Weidt, University of Sussex and Universal Quantum


Registration is now closed. You can still watch the talks on YouTube!

Steering Committee

  • Ross Duncan (chair)
  • David Muñoz Ramo
  • Bob Coecke


  • Destiny Chen
  • Ross Duncan
  • Radka Georgieva
  • Catie Isham
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