Quantum Natural Language Processing

21 September 2020

Part of the Quantum Week of Fun



Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and the uncertainty about travel and public gatherings, we have made the difficult decision to make QNLP20 a virtual event.

Full details about the arrangements will appear here nearer the time.


About the workshop

This workshop explores natural language processing (NLP) and its applications on quantum hardware, including today’s NISQ-era devices. Recent years have seen new compositional formalisms for NLP inspired by quantum theory and condensed matter physics, as well as fruitful research in quantum AI. These suggest that quantum computers provide a natural setting for NLP tasks, leading to the new field of Quantum NLP (QNLP).

Continuing from the previous edition QNLP 2019, this event aims to encourage the growth of this exciting topic, involving participants from both academia and the private sector working in quantum computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and linguistics.

The workshop will take place online and is part of Cambridge Quantum Computing's Quantum Week of Fun.


All times are UK time (GMT + 1). Convert to your timezone here.

Each talk may be viewed at its YouTube link below, where you will also find a link to its Slack channel for live discussion.

11.45 Opening Remarks YouTube Link.
12.00 Alessandro Luongo (Paris) and Armando Bellante (Milan) - Quantum algorithms for NLP: LSA, QSFA and CA YouTube Link. Slides.
12.25 Gemma De las Cuevas (Innsbruck) - Universality in spin models, automata and neural networks YouTube Link. Slides.
12.50 Stefano Gogioso (Oxford) - Doing QNLP with the Bigraph Algorithm YouTube Link. Slides.
13.15 15 minute break
13.30 James Wootton (IBM) - Procedural Generation using Quantum Computation YouTube Link. Slides.
13.55 Konstantinos Meichanetzidis, Alexis Toumi and Giovanni de Felice (CQC, Oxford) - QNLP Implementations YouTube Link. Slides.
14.20 15 minute break
14.35 Sean Tull (CQC) - Compositional Semantics with Formal Concept Analysis YouTube Link. Slides.
15.00 Tai-Danae Bradley (Google X) - Unpacking Language with Reduced Densities YouTube Link. Slides.
15.25 1 hour break
16.25 Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh (UCL) - Near linear copying of vector spaces and applications to NLP YouTube Link. Slides.
16.50 Michael Moortgat (Utrecht) - A dependency-enhanced type logic YouTube Link. Slides.
17.15 Martha Lewis (Bristol) - Building density matrices for words from text corpora YouTube Link. Slides.
17.40 15 minute break
17.55 Bob Coecke (CQC, Oxford) and Vincent Wang (Oxford) - Redrawing grammar as compositional circuits YouTube Link.
18.20 Tiffany Duneau (Oxford) - Logical Puzzles in DisCoCirc YouTube Link. Slides.
18.45 15 minute break
19.00 Vedran Dunjko (Leiden) - Towards quantum advantage for topological data analysis YouTube Link. Slides.
19.25 Will Zeng (Goldman Sachs, Unitary Fund) - Challenges for quantum advantage in NLP YouTube Link. Slides.
19.50 (Virtual) Drinks in Pub

Important dates

21 September 2020 Workshop


Registration will be handled via Quantum Week of Fun.


Please contact Catie Isham if you would like to sponsor this workshop or any of the other events in the Quantum Week of Fun.


  • Bob Coecke (CQC, Oxford)
  • Robin Lorenz (CQC)
  • Konstantinos Meichanetzidis (CQC, Oxford)
  • Sean Tull (CQC)

The local organisers are listed here.

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